Baby's First Year - What's the perfect time to book your portrait session?

Baby's First Year Portraits Northern Ireland

Parents often ask me what is the best time to get baby portraits booked in.  I tell them that you have a few options which can be broken down into key stages, correlating closely with baby milestones.


Once baby is born, it is the perfect time to capture those initial special days when you are totally falling in love with your newborn child.  At these sessions, we spend lots of time to ensure baby is comfortable, relaxed and at ease.  You can read all about my newborn photography sessions by clicking here

Babys First Portraits Northern Ireland

They are best done around day 7-10 when baby is more sleepy (normally!) and still love to be in their cosy, curled up position.  Your little one will have had a chance to settle and any jaundice will have cleared.  It gives you some breathing space to enjoy a few days at home & to get back on your feet after your birthing experience.

Baby First Year Family Portraits Northern Ireland

Alternatively, you can consider waiting until around the six week mark.  Baba tends to be more content, alert and you get lots of wide awake shots of their beautiful eyes. They are still only little so you aren't missing out on those precious newborn images.  By this stage baby should have improved sleep which hopefully means more relaxed parents and therefore, better portraits. 

Parents & siblings of the newborn are also encouraged to be included in this session as it's the perfect time for the iconic family portrait that will take pride of place on your wall at home. 

3 Months Milestone

This is also a great time for your baby's portrait.  By now they giggle & smile, some can roll and they start to engage with their parent's voice. Their heads are becoming more steady and they can even start to push themselves up on their tummys.   

From my perspective, it's a great time as well.  They interact more with me, are animated and usually provide some smashing shots with the funny faces they can pull. 


Sitter Sessions - 6 Month Milestone

Portrait sessions around the six month mark tend to be known as 'Sitter Session' for obvious reasons.  Baby is now normally able to sit up unaided and is really starting to grow into their own individual personality.  They have lost the tiny baby look and you really start to see how they have developed. 

Baby's First Year Portrait Photography Northern Ireland

This would be quite a popular age for your family portrait.  The littles ones are more social, love playing with their hands & are more curious and inquisitive.  They can engage with toys and other props – all making for the perfect photo opportunity.  

Baby's First Year Portrait Photography Northern Ireland

Sitter sessions are the cutest and stress free sessions to do.  We capture adorable smiles and it's easier for parents too - not having to chase their bundle of fun around before they start walking!

It's Your Birthday - 1 year old

Your little one will now be preparing to take their first steps, if they are not already walking.  It's a smashing time to get their portrait done as they are able to take some direction and are full of beans! 

First Birthday Portrait Photography Northern Ireland

By now, they probably have their own little interests - a favourite toy, book or theme tune.  We can incorporate these into your session making it a really true reflection of their unique personality.  

First Birthday Portrait Photography Northern Ireland

Their first birthday portraits can incorporate a cake if you would like to bring one along - we can discuss a theme & style the shoot to tie in with your little one's interests.   To find out more about my Cake Smash sessions please click here.

First Birthday Portrait Photography Northern Ireland

Siblings can also be included in these sessions - the perfect opportunity to capture all your beautiful children at the same time.  Then you can display your timeless portraits at home for everyone to enjoy. 

First Birthday Portrait Photography Northern Ireland

I hope this helps you when you are trying to decide what the best age is to capture your baby's portrait - if you still can't choose then that's ok.  Come chat with me and we can work out a plan to cover all the milestones.  I love covering baba's first year and getting to know them as they grow.

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