Photography Workshops Mentoring Northern Ireland

Photography Mentoring Northern Ireland

Do you have a love of photography and want to develop your style or grow your existing business further?  If the answer is yes, then my photography mentoring sessions are perfect for you.  These one on one sessions are specifically created to help you enhance your natural skills and ability.  We will cover exactly what you want to gain knowledge on and you will receive tailored content that's totally relevant to you.   

I love to work with people of all levels of ability - whether you are an aspiring photographer or someone already in business, I'm here to help.   Photography mentoring is available on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

Photography Workshops Mentoring Northern Ireland

What types of Photography Mentoring are available?

 Getting your images right in camera - this is the basis for any good image.  We can cover Exposure, Metering, Focussing, Histograms, Composition and the equipement that you might need plus lots more 

 Using Lightroom & Photoshop to edit your images - how to make your images stand out from the crowd and improve your workflow.  We will look at importing images and the subsequent editing of your photographs to give them that 'wow' factor.  The types of things that I tend to cover range from the use of Curves, Actions, Layers, Masks, Levels plus retouching of images.  Depending on your level of ability, more options are available.

 Review of Portfolio - We work together to review your current portfolio (online and in marketing materials) and help you curate your images to achieve a more cohesive feel to your brand. 

 Shoot together - I can come along to one of your sessions and help guide you through.  We can look at ways to take more creative shots that express your own personality and represent your style whilst ensuring clients enjoy the experience. 

 Personal projects - It's important to keep the creativity flowing.  I am very happy to offer guidance if you are about to commence a personal project and want to ensure that you have thought things through.  For example, I have helped clients prepare for exhibitions, personal shooting projects (e.g 365 photo projects where you shoot one image a day for a year), commercial projects such as shooting images for a biography of someone's life and also street photography projects

 Setting up your business - I can help give you advice on starting out - the things that are key to getting it right from the start.  The equipement you will need, using social media, webside guidance, discuss the areas of photography to specialise in, look at the different types of insurance you will need, plan record keeping for your accountant and setting up a bank account. 

 Growing your business - Using social media to expand your business, effective marketing, the importance of blogging, SEO guidance and practical pricing advice to ensure you are making a profit.  

Mentoring Options

One to One Session - £99 - 1 Hour in person at my premises or by phone 

Half Day Mentoring - £249 - 3-4 Hour Session in person at my premises 

Half Day Mentoring for 2 people - £199pp -  If you & a friend would like to join up for a half day joint session then this is a fantastic option for you.  Avail of a 3-4 Hour Session in person at my premises at a reduced rate.  I am happy to travel to your location if this is easier for you (small travel cost may apply depending on location).

Photography Mentoring Northern Ireland

New Course Just Launched in Summer 2018

12 Month Mentoring Programme - This is ideal for someone starting out who wants initial advice on setting up and then continued support over their first year.  We will have an initial session in Month One where we cover the basics and plan your year ahead.  At the end of your initial session you will have: -

 Set your targets & goals for your first year (Month 3, Month 6, Month 9 & Month 12)

 Formulated a 12 month plan outlining how you are going to achieve your goals 

 Have a clear idea of the area that you wish to specialise in

 Know the equipement that you will need to provide a professional standard of work

 Have the tools to finalise your pricing for your business model

 Know how to set up a bank account and keep efficient records for your business 

 Understand the importance of insurance and know which types that you need to have in place to run a professional business 

We will review progress with regular bi-monthly meetings over their first year.  We will look at your SMART goals and see how you are performing against these.  Examine how you could have done things differently and how you can implement your learning going forward.   

Investment is £699 - you will receive an initial 2-3 hour planning & advice session plus 5 review sessions (45 mins) - Initial payment of £399 required at time of booking with the balance 3 months later.  Please contact me for further details.  

Photography Mentoring Northern Ireland



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