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Are struggling with how to display your beautiful portraits in your home?  Finding it hard to narrow down your selection as you love them all?  No need to worry or stress - I am here to help.  Below you will find inspiration on showcasing your portraits via a range of wall art collections.  These include acrylics, framed prints and canvases for your home. Create a legacy wall from your favourite images.  Have the ones you love the most always in front of your eyes every day. 

The Circle of Life

Our “Circle of Life” comprises of 30″, 20″ and 12″ round Acrylics.  These can be displayed which ever way you like.  

This truly is an art installation & will add a modern, unique touch to any space.

Wall Art

The Four Elements

If you love everything in balance and symmetry then this is the arrangement for you.  The Four Elements offers a clean & uniform composition.  I offer these as either HD Acrylics, Birchwood or Fine Art Canvas.  

Wall Art

The Top Three

Keeping it simple & classic, this trio is the perfect arrangement to display your magical top 3.  Available as Fine Art Canvas or HD Acrylic. 

The Solo Artist

One show-stopping portrait to create the wow factor.  Available as a Fine Art Canvas, Metallic Aluminium Print or HD Acrylic. 

Wall Art

The Trilogy

 Display 3 images stacked as a column or as a row of horizontal images.  Available as Fine Art Canvas or HD Acrylic. 

The Fantastic Four

Finding it hard to choose between your portraits? You would like to display one larger family images with smaller candid shots alongside it?  Then why not display the image you love most along with your smaller portraits to form a beautiful wall art combination. 

Wall Art

Wall Art

The Combo

Clean & modern layout, perfect for a bedroom or playroom.  Two landscape + two portrait shots come together to give you the perfect combination.  Available as Fine Art Canvas or HD Acrylic. 


If you would like me to work my magic and create something extraordinary to grace your home, please get in touch.  You can contact me for further advice, guidance and find out more about pricing for the above wall art collections.

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